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My experiences from my first online conference (#ITiCSE2020) Jun 21, 2020 conferences & research & online & covid I’ve just attended my first online conference - ITiCSE 2020 - and I’m quite impressed that the organizer managed to put together the whole Not my dog Jun 21, 2020 hundar & dogs but still a cute dog iPad only, does it work Feb 9, 2020 ipad & software & mac It has now been slightly more than 3 weeks since I managed to destroy my work laptop (pro tip: laptop + water => no laptop). Instead of spending a Old habits die hard Feb 2, 2020 habits & health It has now been almost two months since my cataract surgery, two months of having one eye that can focus in the range 4-8 cm and the other can who Is Adobes subscription model that bad? Dec 21, 2019 photography & adobe & lightroom & subscriptions In the last 4-5 years there have been a lot of discussions/rants about subscriptions, are they good? bad? Are the companies holding our data Photo Mechanic did help Dec 5, 2019 photography & software & photo mechanic Just a short note on my initial experience of Photo Mechanic. During the weekend I took photos at a sports event and came home with 2500+ photos, iPhone camera apps Dec 4, 2019 photography & software & camera+ & halide & hipstamatic & procamera & vsco There are a huge number of camera apps for the iPhone … and I’ve played with a fair number of them. There are some which I have fond memories of but My favorite photo podcasts and YT channels Nov 30, 2019 photography & podcasts & youtube Since it’s the end of the year everybody have to publish their top-list of something. So here are my top podcasts and youtube channels For podcasts Managing photos Nov 26, 2019 photography & organization Sometimes I get the question what app I use to edit and manage my photos and what I recommend … an almost hopeless question to answer. Or at least Photo Mechanic - could it solve my problems? Nov 21, 2019 photography & software & photo mechanic I’ve heard about Photo Mechanic before, and that for example wedding and sports photographers use to quickly go through a large number of photos. Capture One Nov 14, 2019 photography & software & capture one I’m severely tempted to switch from Lightroom Classes to Capture One … tempted but I know it will not happen. Why? I’m pretty sure that it will take A small advice on photo organization Aug 29, 2019 photography I assume that everybody except me had figured this out by now … but just in case. I know that some people strongly suggests that you shouldn’t 11 dagar i Aberdeen Jul 29, 2019 resor & skottland I mitten av juli var det dags att avbryta semestern och åka till Aberdeen för lite jobb. Först några dagars arbetsmöte och sedan några dagars Isn't Kendo interesting? May 30, 2019 martial arts & kendo & jutsu & photography I think I better explain what I meant with the problem was to make the photos interesting in a previous post. I did not mean that Kendo isn’t TextExpander May 22, 2019 I’m currently trying out the TextExpander demo to se if it’s worth my money. I used to be a TextExpander user but when they switched to a Two days ago I, for the first time, tried taking photos of Kendo. May 11, 2019 This after having been challenged by another photographer who said that Kendo was Fler bilder från Påsklägret i Linköping finns på mfoto. May 4, 2019 se The most useless, stupid, irritating marketing term must be “award winning” … May 2, 2019 OK, I just got an old iPad Mini that can’t be updated past 9. Apr 13, 2019 3.5. The plan is to use it as an ereader, will be interesting to see if it works What I want from the next version of iOS? Apr 13, 2019 The ability to import photos from a memory card directly into app like Lightroom mobile 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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