July 31, 2021

I’ve tried to do a 365 project1 a couple of times, but I’ve always failed after about 100-150 days. This means that I’ve started the project January 1st and stopped somewhere in March–May. And the last photos are usually taken late in the evening when I remember Ohhh, I need to take a photo”, and then I abandon the whole thing.

Well, I got inspired to try again when I saw the site by Woody Campbell, he takes one photo each day, and apparently he plans to continue doing this for the rest of his life. My plan is not as ambitious, I just want to see if I can reach 200 photos and set a new personal record.

My rules are simple:

  1. The photo has been taken that day.
  2. It doesn’t have to be published that day, it’s OK to publish in batches.
  3. No need for fancy photos, it’s enough with photos from my daily life.
  4. It’s not OK to just publish a photo, there has to be some text in addition to the photos.

You can follow along by going to daily.mostrom.eu

  1. You take and publish one photo every day, and in my opinion the photo should actually be taken that day.↩︎


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