November 26, 2019

Sometimes I get the question what app I use to edit and manage my photos and what I recommend … an almost hopeless question to answer. Or at least answer quickly. But I’ll make an attempt and describe what I use together with a very short motivation, hopefully I’ll get the time to write a few longer posts that better describe why I’m currently using Lightroom and Photos (macOS).

Yep, the answer is Lightroom Classic and Photos and the main reason I use them is convenience. The major reasons why I use Lightroom are

  • I started to use Lightroom when Apple declared that they were stopping the development of Aperture. That move was rather painful despite not having that many photos and I don’t really want to spend the time moving to another app right now.

  • Lightroom can do most of the things I want to do. It might not be the best or have best user experience but it can do it.

  • Lightroom has a decent iOS app that make it fairly painless to work on my iPad. And I do enjoy editing photos on my iPad.

  • The DAM (digital assets management) feature of Lightroom Classic is adequate, it’s better than the other programs I’ve tried but not as great as remember Aperture.

  • The ability to directly upload and synchronize my photos with Smugmug

The reasons I use Photos are

  • I’m all in the Apple eco-system which makes it really convenient and get access to them everywhere.

  • Photos just keep getting better, the editing capabilities are becoming really good and the integration with external apps are also good.

  • I mainly use Photos as a first destination for my iPhone shots but also for keeping a copy of some photos from my bigger cameras.

  • Photos have these automatic stuff that I think is fun to have, things like automatic album generation etc.

But I should add that I’m highly skeptical of the future of Adobe Classic and have several things I dislike about how Lightroom works (some later post). I also think that Photos severely lacks organization functionality or perhaps more correctly: it doesn’t really have the organizational functionality that I would like to have.

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