Old stuff instead of new stuff

I’ve been buying a new iPhone every second year until 2015 when I bought my iPhone 6s Plus. My plan was to keep that one for three years before buying a new one. So I was really looking forward to buy a new iPhone this autumn. I watched the keynote and was really pleased with the improvements to the camera compared to the one I have. So I went to Apple sajt, selected a XS Max and was hovering over the buy button when I looked at the price … and moved away from the buy button. I couldn’t justify spending that amount of money on a phone, so I thought “OK, let’s make it four years”.

Fast forward for a couple of months and I discovered that there was some sensor smudge/dust in my iPhone. This has been driving me crazy and taken away all joy using the camera. Which have been irritating since I like to have a camera with me at all times. I checked how much it would cost to fix it and even that would be more than my phone is worth.

So I tried using my GX80 instead but it’s too heavy and bulky to carry in a pocket. My next attempt was an older GM5, which is a really small camera … even for mirrorless cameras. It’s pocketable but barely so. So while it works it hasn’t been as “nimble” my phone.

However, two days ago I suddenly remembered that my wife had a camera laying on a bookshelf under 3 mm of dust. I asked her if I could use it and since she only use her iPhone nowadays she said “take it”. It’s one of my old cameras, a 10-year old Powershot S90 which have an OK lens and is pretty good compact camera. I charged the batteries and tried it out, and it works just fine. The pictures are decent and once I remember what it’s limitations are and how to work around them I expect it to be my “daily carry” for a while. So far the main “problem” is the lack of a touchscreen.

I also compared the S90 and the GM5, they are pretty much the same size. The GM5 is a bit heavier but otherwise they are more or less the equal size … except that the GM5 requires a lens which makes it significantly heavier and larger than the S90.

So, instead of spending a lot of money on a new iPhone (and yes, I want the big screen and the camera on the XS) I’m going to use my 6s Plus and the S90 for the near future. Sooner or later I’m getting a new phone but until that time …

Jan Erik Moström @jemostrom