Teaching Teachers

A few days before my vacation started, the department signed an agreement with the Swedish National Agency for Education to teach a programming course to working teachers, a course that starts in August. This translates to me doing my best to teach a group of teachers programming – something I’ve never done before.

Since we will have very little time to prepare for this course we will not have the time to create a whole new course that targets this group of ”students”, instead we are going to adapt an existing course so that it works OK. Later we will create a course that is especially targeted towards active teachers, but for now this will have to work.

I’m looking forward to teach this course. There are several reasons for this – first of all I’ve never taught a course where the participants have been teachers. I expect this will be very different than teaching CS students or giving a course at a company. Secondly, I hope to learn a lot of how it is to trying to teach kids, age range 13-18, programming – this must be completely different than teaching CS students. Thirdly, I hope to learn if we can help the teachers in some way.

In other words I’m really looking forward to this course.


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