Månad: november 2015

Sigh, two services I like are shutting down

Zite and Rdio are shutting down … sigh. I have used Zite for several years and it has been my favorite way of discovering news on the web. A while ago they were bought my Flipboard and now the service is shutting down. They suggest that I should change to Flipboard but I have never liked the user interface so I’m not enthusiastic about their service, I also took a quick look at how Flipboard work today and from what I could see it’s not as good as Zite is. So I’m probably going to skip Flipboard completely.

I’ve never liked Spotify, I think that both the user interface and user interaction is pretty bad. I used to have a premium account but I cancelled it when I found Rdio. The user interface of Rdio has been fairly clear and easy to use. It has also been easy to discover new music, etc. But they were recently bought by Pandora (which doesn’t work in Sweden) and they are shutting down Rdio.

So I’m currently back to Spotify again (I got three month of free premium with my new phone).

Is it just me???

Is it just me that have problems parsing this

Indianapolis police arrested two men Monday in the murder of Amanda Blackburn, a pregnant mother and wife of a preacher who was shot and killed in a home invasion this month.

Does this mean that she was the mother & wife of the preacher (sounds odd), and that the preacher got killed in a home invasion??

0 eller 1

Det vore så mycket enklare att rätta tentor om det bara var tillåtet att ge 0 eller full poäng, och slippa försöka lista ut hur mycket fel någon har tänkt.

Å andra sidan skulle genomströmningen hamna ganska nära 0